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“One thing I admire most is how she thoroughly enjoys all things BDSM; she enjoys pushing my boundaries and seeing me let out my perverted depraved side in the safe space she creates. Taboo things I was once only curious about, I now shamelessly beg for and she loves it.”

— R. Toilet

“She is the best dominatrix I have ever had the privilege to serve whether our sessions are online or in-person. Mistrix Sunmi is incredibly versatile domme who can go from flirtatious to fearsome in an instant depending on what the moment requires.”

— Piggy

“They made my first in-person experience a very memorable one. Everything felt very comfortable and safe from the application to the actual meeting. Mistrix Sunmi is very punctual and professional, and the facility chosen was simply gorgeous, as was she. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone of any experience level, and am looking forward to the opportunity to serve them again!”

— J

“Woof! Where do I begin and where do I end? When I play with Mistrix Sunmi I feel like my comfort is prioritized.

Whenever I play with them, we have in-depth easy going conversations about the story I want to create. We talk about the sensations I wanted to feel and the parts of my body I want her to touch. We discuss what words I use for my body and how to engage with it. Aftercare is setup in advance and we even get to review the scene with each other afterwards. This process made me feel safe enough to comfortably fall into subspace and fully embrace the experience. I had a wonderfully ecstatic experience.

The play is phenomenal. Her pace is superb. During a scene where I bottomed for impact she warmed me up really well before transitioning into higher intensity implements. Their transitions were very smooth, e.g. thuddy to stingy to feathery soft back to thuddy again (I love thuddy). Her timing was rhythmic enough for me to dance to. Above all, I had an incredibly fun time when I played with Mistrix Sunmi.”

— Adirelé

“Mistrix Sunmi (She/They/Daddy) is non-binary, so I was naturally very eager to learn all about them and their experience working in the area as a ProDomme. I told them I was new to the scene, that I didn't really like the idea of doing things to people that I wouldn't have done to me, so I asked for the honor of having them Dominate me, and have their way with me.

They took the time to really get to know me, and it showed in the session. It's been a few days now and I am still not quite sure I've processed everything that happened. Mistrix Sunmi is a masterful storyteller and had excellent pacing. I told them apart from scat and anything that might leave a permanent mark, I was completely willing to just surrender to the experience, for them to take me wherever they wanted to.

They never once humiliated me, or made me feel bad, or misgendered me. Mistrix Sunmi completely broke me down and gave me my first taste of subspace. I lost track of time, of identity, of everything. They whipped me, flogged me, paddled me, poured hot wax on me, scraped off the wax with a blade, cuffed me, nipple clamped me, and saran wrapped me. They ordered me to become a kitten, and I became a kitten. They ground their leg into my cunt-- and it had become a cunt because that's what they told me it was. And when I my body had gone completely limp, they held me and said "When you come out of this, you will be stronger and more confident."

I am stronger and more confident now.”

-Mistress Persephone Rose 

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