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Blog #11 — Dungeon Progress

A dungeon update & call for investors. 

As some of you may know, it has been a dream of mine for years to own a dungeon. This past weekend I taught a single tail whip class at a new dungeon space Damiana Studios in Philly, and it deeply inspired Me. 

Thanks to the generous gifts from My devotees over the years, I own enough gear and furniture to open a dungeon. There are still a few furniture pieces I would love for My dungeon before setting up, and you can gift Me them HERE. My biggest issue right now is finding an apartment in DC that fits all of My needs. Ideally it would be a one or two bedroom aparment, with a convient location to the subway, dicreet/easy entrance for clients, and within My budget. 

I am currently searching for devoted submissives who are open to making this dream come true. This can look many different ways- it could be signing a lease, funding the rent with a monthly tribute subscription, connecting Me with a chill landlord, finding Me a location that fits My needs, and/or helping Me build up the space once I get it. I am also open to working with collaborators- if another domme wants to invest in My dungeon venture, then please reach out. I would LOVE to find another DC based domme to co-own a dungeon with. 

I am day dreaming of building a well-stocked dungeon with a modern & luxurious twist. I plan to build a dungeon space with natural sun light, plants, and of course heavy leather. This will be a space well equipped for heavy bondage, suspensions, medical fetish play, overnight sessions and more. Owning a dungeon will mean I will pay less obsurd hotel fees, and it will offer more discretion, time flexibility, creative freedom, and more. It will also mean I will be in DC much more often! 

Are YOU ready to truly invest in MY success and dreams? Email Me (Serve.Sunmi@gmail.com) with what you have to offer & lets talk. 

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