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The Classic


Sessions start at $900/2hrs. New clients MUST book at least a 2 hr session for first session to allow adequate time to learn about each other. **$1200/3 hr sessions are always preferred.

The Communion

Dinner & 2 hr session+

We will first meet in public at a restaurant at my choosing and you will treat us to a fine dining meal. Then we will have 2+ hr of session time after. This session begins at $1100, and you will be paying for the meal. This option is great for first time clients who may be nervous, clients who like to converse, and/or clients who enjoy public play.

The Extravagant

4+ hr session

This option is highly recommended for clients who wish to fulfill elaborate fantasies, or wish to plan a ritualized scene for me to take you on a personal transformative immersive experience. Rate begins at $1600; price is negotiable depending on session context. (30% deposit required*)


  • PANTIES. — You can purchase the panties I wear during our session for $50, inquire in advanced preferred.

  • VIRTUAL SESSIONS + CUSTOM VIDEOS. — Available upon contacting me via OnlyFans or SextPanther to inquire

  • DOUBLES/GROUP DOMME SESSIONS. — Available per special request.

  • COUPLES. — Couples are encouraged to apply, simply add $200 to each session hour booked. Deposit is double. Both must fill out separate applications, just specify via email.

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Apply To Serve


Process to Serve

  1. Read my website very carefully.

  2. Fill out and submit your application when you are ready. I take screening very seriously. All information provided to me will stay completely confidential, this is so we can both be safe and ultimately have fun.

  3. Follow me on social media and support my online content: Twitter / InstagramOnlyFans

I will email back within 48 hours. I will respond with my session availability. I do NOT book sessions within 24hrs. If you apply and don’t hear back, check your spam for an email from “serve.sunmi@gmail.com” or apply again and try harder next time. 
We will schedule a brief phone call before the session for me to gather a better understanding of you, your desires/limits, and I will be available to answer any questions you may have then.

Session Tribute

Upon approval and review of your application, you must pay a non-refundable $300 deposit in order to secure your booking. ($200 goes towards session fee and $100 goes towards dungeon rental.) Deposits must be paid via Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, or Amazon giftcard.
The tribute remainder must be cash, and will be gifted at the beginning of every session. You can find my rates and session packages above. In-session time extensions will be considered with payment up front and as my schedule allows.

As for most services you recieve in the US, 20% gratuity is respectful. Tips accepted in cash, venmo, cashapp or Amazon/Vanilla Visa giftcard. 

Day of Session Protocol

Before your appointment I will contact you with the exact location. You will need to confirm that you will be arriving by responding to my message.

Do not be late; if you are running late communicate that with me ASAP. If you tend to run late to things, plan to arrive early. Bring tribute in a discreet envelope. All payments are understood as an exchange for my time.

Shower before your appointment. Good hygiene is key. You will be fully naked during sessions. Douching isn’t mandatory but recommended, with that being said do eat a light snack before the session and drink plenty of water. If you have any specialty medical devices (e.g., inhaler, walker) you need, please bring them to the session to prevent medical emergencies.
I do NOT discriminate against race, sexuality, gender, disability, or religion. I enthusiastically encourage clients of diverse backgrounds to apply to Serve Me. I pride myself in my beautiful diverse array of clientele. 

Racism will NOT be tolerated in any capacity and will result in an immediate block/ban. Sexual assault or trying to push my personal boundaries during a session will NOT be tolerated; the session will end effective immediately and you will be blocked/banned/blacklisted.