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Blog #16 — DC to NYC

I am moving to NYC July 2024!

Big news! I am moving to NYC, where I will be relocating My business in July. That means if you’re in DC and you wish to submit to Me, you must apply and act soon. I have spots open this week, and lots of openings in June. I will be accepting NYC pre bookings for Mid-July pre-booking. As it stands right now I will be closing My DC dungeon, and I do not currently plan on opening up My own dungeon in NYC. I will be playing in the lovely dungeons available throughout the city.

If you are based in the DMV / DC and you have been yearning to feel My dominant hands on your skin, act now!!

If you are based in the DMV and you have been fantasizing about submitting to Me, now is your best chance. I am offering a SUPER rare one of kind DISCOUNT CODE for new submissives. So if we have never played before, and you apply to serve using the CODE: DCSUB under the “What are your desires for the session” than you will get 20% OFF your first session. For a 2hr session this means $200 OFF. My books are open for now - end of June.

Apply HERE.

& of course, I will still plan to come back and tour regularly to see all of My favorite regulars and newbies about once a month or every other month.

As for My NYC subs:

I have been keeping you all waiting long enough. I am finally not only coming back, but here to stay. My NYC books are open for pre-booking NOW. Starting July 15th. Double domme sessions with Empress Wu are also available starting 7/15. I cannot wait to begin and deepen My relationships with My NYC submissives.

Send your congratulations & make yourself USEFUL & fund My relocation by sending donations to:

My v3nmo “inyourdreams” or sending z3lle to “serve.sunmi@gmail.com”.

Thank you all for the support! Apply to play at Mistrix Sunmi dot com. Email Me: serve.sunmi@gmail for further questions.

Mistrix Sunmi

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