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Blog #8 — Strap On Connections

All things strap-on I’m not allowed to talk about anywhere else. I love using My strap-on & here’s why they call Me the Strap King. 

The first time I ever used a strap-on it was with a personal partner of Mine back in 2018. It took Me what felt like 10 minutes just to figure out how to put it on- I laid down on My back and My partner sat on My cock for the first time. I remember having a version of cuming just from watching the tip slide in; it was so sexy. I have always felt deeply connected to My cock. As a certified humper since childhood, strap-on play has always been a natural favorite for Me in BDSM. 

I recently taught a Connecting to Your Strap class at Passional Boutique in Philly*. It was My first time ever teaching a BDSM class in-person solo. I had the pleasure to teach a Rituals and D/s class with Empress Wu the day prior. 

Through preparing to teach this class, I realized just how connected I feel to My cock. How gender euphoric, erotic, and powerful it feels for Me to sling dick of all sizes and shapes. In My class I broke down tips for how people can better connect to their cock in four categories; language, visuals, imagination, and sensation.

Often times what builds eroticism for Me during sex is what I am saying, hearing, and seeing. I love dirty talking while I’m dicking My bottoms down. I love seeing My slutty submissives deep throating My cock and hearing them choke. I love watching My cock slide into My bottom’s tight holes. I love grabbing My submissives by the waist and pounding them deep and hard until they’re screaming. Dicking down slutty submissives until their prostates are milked, balls drained, and throats destroyed is why they call Me Strap King. 

The more sexual pleasure I get from strap-on play, the more power and control I feel over My submissive’s holes. My pleasure always comes first. There is a common misconception that strap-on play is for the bottom’s pleasure, and that dommes don’t actually enjoy doing it. Thats the farthest from the truth for Me personally.

My strap-on is an extension of Myself. When I move, it moves. When I pound someone’s hole I can feel the strap tug on My clit. Sexuality is held in the breath. The act of working up a sweat destroying My submissives provides Me with an erotic satisfaction that no other sex act can.

*If you would like to purchase access to either the Strap-On or Rituals class recordings, email Me.

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