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Gifts are not an expectation, but they are certainly deeply appreciated. I always LOVE a large houseplant gift & Harmless Harvet Coconut Water. 

Heels: 7.5 womens US (If knee length or calf boots size 8 wide calf)
Bra: 34D
Panties: Medium
Tops: Medium/Large
Bottoms: 30in waist

Cash and devotion to my success will always be my favorite gift.

Send Zelle & giftcards to my email (serve.sunmi@gmail.com) Etsy, Amazon, Amtrack, Mr.S Leather, Purple Passion, & FruitLeather giftcards preferred. 

If you wish to buy me something from my wishlists you can:

  • Email me for my P.O. Box address.

  • Email me which item on my Wishlistr you would like to buy me, Venmo me the total amount and I will order it.

  • You buy the gift, ship it to your house and bring it to our session.

  • Or you can buy me gifts from my Amazon Wishlist and I will receive them directly.