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The Classic


Sessions start at $900/2hrs. New clients MUST book at least a 2 hr session for first session to allow adequate time to learn about each other. **$1200/3 hr sessions are always preferred.

The Communion

Dinner & 2 hr session+

We will first meet in public at a restaurant at my choosing and you will treat us to a fine dining meal. Then we will have 2+ hr of session time after. This session begins at $1100, and you will be paying for the meal. This option is great for first time clients who may be nervous, clients who like to converse, and/or clients who enjoy public play.

The Extravagant

4+ hr session

This option is highly recommended for clients who wish to fulfill elaborate fantasies, or wish to plan a ritualized scene for me to take you on a personal transformative immersive experience. Rate begins at $1600; price is negotiable depending on session context. (30% deposit required*)


  • PANTIES. — You can purchase the panties I wear during our session for $50, inquire in advanced preferred.

  • VIRTUAL SESSIONS + CUSTOM VIDEOS. — Available upon contacting me via OnlyFans or SextPanther to inquire

  • DOUBLES/GROUP DOMME SESSIONS. — Available per special request.

  • COUPLES. — Couples are encouraged to apply, simply add $200 to each session hour booked. Deposit is double. Both must fill out separate applications, just specify via email.

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