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Blog #1 — The Humble Beginnings Of My Cash Fetish

An exploration into some of my kink roots... this particular story marks when I realized cash turned me on. 

        Before my 16th birthday I printed out job applications at school and pre-filled them all out. On the day of my 16th birthday I forced my older brother to drive around our small town so I could apply for jobs. I knew I wanted to make tips because the concept of looking pretty = you get paid more just made sense to me. When I started working minimum wage was $7.25/hr.

    I was a rollerskating waitress at Sonic for my first job ever, & I loved that job. The first night I ever broke $100 in tips, I was so happy I felt over the damn moon. I experienced what some people call “money high”. $100 in an 8hr shift was $12.50/hr. I remember thinking I was making almost double minimum wage at the time. I felt that I had cheated the system, and it felt so damn luxe.

    I got home that night and reveled in my abudance. I could not stop. I kept re-counting my week’s worth of tips. The smell, the feeling, the sound, and then... I threw it all up in the air and started laughing like a mad man. While rolling around in the cash, I felt like I was in a movie. I felt powerful and sexy. The money was dirty, but I didn’t care. I became so worked up and horny from all of the cash. I started rubbing my cunt into the pile of money, & I came just by thinking about My cash. The smell of it. Feeling it rubbing on my clit. The sound of my body rustling in it. I was on cloud nine. I have been sexually drawn to cash ever since...

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