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Blog #14 — My New DC Dungeon

I am the proud new owner of a new dungeon in DC.

This has been years in the making, but I am finally proud to announce that I own a private DC dungeon. As many of you know, this has been a dream of mine for years. The past two weeks has been very busy, but with the help of friends, it is ready. I am still in the process of naming My dungeon. 

It’s located in North East DC, accessible on the red line. There is paid public parking on the premises, it is wheel chair accessible, and discreet. It is a fully equipped dungeon. I own tons of fun BDSM gear, sissy transformation gear, kink furniture, medfet supplies, heavy leather & steel bondage collection, and much much more.

I am now booking sessions in My new place space. The only way to play, is to apply HERE

The number one way to congratulate & support My new dungeon, is financial. I am accepting reimbursements for the costs, so far it has been about $7,265 start up costs for the move-in, gear, and set up. All of My payment info (eg., My venmo) are found HERE.

I can’t wait to make new memories & film new OF content here. I have already played and filmed in My new space; watch the exxxclusive videos only found HERE

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