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Blog #6 — Your First Time

Are you ready to lose your Mistrix Sunmi virginity, & experience Me for the first time? Here’s some de-flowering advice. 

A fair amount of My clients are either new to BDSM and/or have never hired a professional dominatrix or sex worker. There are a lot of things to consider when making this decision, so listen carefully.

First and foremost, take your time researching to find the domme whose kink interests and services align with your desires. You can read My list of interests here. You can learn about My domination style by following My Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans to get a taste. 

The following is how to serve Me for the first time in the flesh:

I am very particular with how I run My business. I have a meticulous schedule and protocol. Before you apply to serve Me, you must have the funds and your schedule ready to go. It’s always best to apply in advance and pre-book even a month or two in advance is fine. You can make a good impression by buying Me something from My wishlist or Amazon wishlist; I am also collecting house plants from My submissives.

While filling out My application take your time and fill it out with as much detail as possible. This helps Me plan our time, the gear I need, and the outfit to wear for our session. I understand it may feel risky or vulnerable to submit your face & photoID to My form, but everything is kept confidential and used only for screening purposes. This is also standard practice in this industry- it’s like showing your ID to get into the club.

After you apply, I will contact you via email to schedule logistics and secure the deposit for our time together. This is the only way to secure a session with Me. Then before your session we will have a brief 10 minute phone call to pre-negotiate our playtime together, and I will relay location information and day-of protocol.

General info for the day-of: Confirm with Me the morning of the session that you will still be attending. Shower and eat before the session. Douche before session until the water is clear. Plan to arrive 5 minutes early or right on time. Arrive with tribute in a discreet envelope (and gifts) ready to go.

I understand hiring a professional dominatrix for the first time may be nerve wracking, but relax we are both here to have a wild & fun time. I love nothing more than deflowering a virgin! I am a well educated professional, and you are in safe hands. Consent is essential in everything I do, & I build in ample negotiating and checking in for first time clients (hence My 2 hr minimum). Lastly schedule your own additional aftercare after your first session, & do not skip this step! 

For a more in-depth first time hiring a pro domme guide check out this phenomenal resource by Daddy An Li. My protocol and attitudes align considerably with hers.

Once you feel ready to take the leap and surrender yourself to Me- you may apply directly here. Untapped pleasures await, xoxo. 

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