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Blog #5 — Exploring Erotic Temptation

An ode to my latest fascination with erotic temptation. 

I am fascinated by this feeling of sexual temptation. I, your dominate tempt you, My submissive into an unraveling indulgence in temptation. 

Temptation is the “desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise”. 

I find it incredibly arousing to be at the center of your sexual temptations... To tempt you into doing things you never thought possible. Suddenly standing on the opposite end of My whip does not sound scary or painful, but actually desired and yearned for. It may feel wrong, but that’s what you ultimately desire, isn’t it? To be naughty with our little secret. 

I tempt you with my soft gaze. The small curve on my waist. My delicious voice. My firm grip. you tremble under Me as I tease you endlessly over and over and over again. 

you want to please Me. you think about Me all the time, even when we are no longer together. you can still feel Me inside of you. you cannot help but to see My face when you touch yourself. This is how My temptation works. My cock alone will ruin you forever, and have you coming back for more and more. 

I can feel your desire from afar. It turns Me on, & I feverishly await our next encounter. Until the next time I get My hands on you. 

© Mistrix Sunmi 2023