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Welcome to My web of secrets. Get tangled in My silk as you explore the pages I have carefully spun for you. Fall deep into My fascinations and deeper into My world. It is no coincidence that you are here, release yourself to Me. Allow Me to consume your desires and the secrets that brought you here...

Mistrix Sunmi is a NYC based dominatrix and fetishist skilled at finding joy and intimacy in structure. Hailing from a military family and educated with a masters in psychology, she delights in meticulously crafting high protocol sessions unique to the needs of each submissive and is extremely well prepared to  seduce you out of your identity and reconstruct you anew, down to the tiniest details to better please her. A naturally passionate, cunning, and lush shapeshifter, Mistrix Sunmi will have you begging to return to the palm of her hand, for a taste of the intoxicating world you've built together.

Her favorite fetishes include those that let her indulge her creative desires for pleasure and perversion, including sissification, size training, worship, corporal punishment, CBT, predicament bondage, mummification, elaborate roleplays and worldbuilding, and heavy mindfuckery.

Mistrix Sunmi always proudly identified as kinky, but their true love for all things kink and BDSM began in 2017. She found her calling for kink through Queer community and Leather community. Her practice is profoundly influenced by the kinky queer outcasts who paved the way for freaks like her.

Mistrix Sunmi takes their craft very seriously, and she expects her submissives to take their own submission and pleasure seriously as well. She takes learning and safety with austerity. Their talented & generous mentor, Mistress Lina Lavender transformed Mistrix Sunmi. Through mentorship, Mistrix Sunmi grew and continues to develop into the seductive, sadistic, bossy femdom she was born to be...



My BDSM practice often explores one’s deep secrets, erotic desire, and cleansing transformation. I love imaginative playful/taboo scenes and intense physical sadistic scenes. My tantalizing laugh and crushing strength make roleplay, teasing, taunting all very natural for me.
My favorite clients are those who are deeply devoted to Me, invested in My success, open to exploration, and committed to a long term D/S relationship.

My Kinks ︎︎︎
  • Impact Play (e.g., whips, canes, floggers)
  • Bondage (e.g., leather, heavy metal, rope)
  • Creative Roleplay (e.g., age play, forced bi, puppy play, sissy, medical scenes)
  • Breathplay
  • CBT 
  • Sensual Domination
  • Pegging/Fisting/Size training
  • Humiliation (e.g., SPH, female supremacy)
  • Sensation Play (sensory deprivation and overload)
  • Leather/Latex
  • Forced Femme/Gender play
  • Cuckholding
  • Objectification (e.g., human furniture, sex doll play)
  • Body Worship (e.g., feet, ass, armpit)
  • Financial Domination
  • Vore/Cannibalism
  • Tease/Denial
  • Chastity Training/Key Holding 
  • Orgasm Control/Ruined Orgasm
  • Blood/Scapel/Needle Play
  • Domestic Servitude Training
My Hard Limits ︎︎︎

  • Switching/Subbing
  • Roman Showers
  • Mommy play
  • Sploshing


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