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Blog #4 — Building Intimacy In D/s

A waltz through how I experience intimacy with My submissives. 

Which feels more intimate to you?

To bear your soul with another and tell them your deepest desires or your deepest mistakes?

Are they intertwined? Do the two confessions dance in your mind and ride the tip of your tongue?

If I shove my leather gloved hand down your throat to hold your heart, what will she say to me?

“Don’t we deserve it all?”

- Our Dance

Above is a poem I recently wrote about leather intimacy in kink.

From the moment you choose to serve Me, it is an intimate decision. There are so many talented and beautiful dommes out there, and you chose Me. I hold the ability to mirror your desires back at you. I offer special services, I provide My own unique experience to My subs, and My advertising has worked so perfectly, so I attract the clients that suite Me best. You finding Me, reading this, and submitting to Me is no coincidence.  

Submitting to Me, sharing your deepest desires with Me, and trusting Me to deliver and take care of you is deeply intimate. I do not shy away from going deep with My clients, as often times BDSM can bring up emotions or feelings we cannot predict or imagine. Building a strong, devotional, meaningful D/s dynamic with My submissives fuels My passion for this industry. 

I have subs who have been supporting Me since I began, and connecting regularly with subs who are invested in My sucess as a domme and My passions has been lifechanging, for Me. I seek devotion, investment, and support from the subs who desire to serve and pleasure Me. D/s is a two way dance, the more intimacy, trust, and committment you make to Me, the more I will invest and supply into you.

When I am in scene with My lucky submissives who earn the pleasure of serving Me in the flesh,  we take each other in. Your eyes take in My beauty, My smell, My energy, My dominance. I take in your gaze, your aura, your vulnerability, your submission. You must open up yourself to Me, confess your desires, your limits, your fears and turn-ons simply to play together. Then while we dance through scene, your body speaks to Me everytime I touch you. A silent language I am keen to understand. With every moan, whimper, “Yes, Mistress” I know that you are closer to Me in those moments, and that is sacred and special. 

© Mistrix Sunmi 2023